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Turnips and Rutabagas

Some facts about Rutabagas and Turnips

High in Antioxidants
A single serving of rutabaga offers over 50% the DV of vitamin C. Vitamin C is a really effective anti-oxidant recognized to raise the defense mechanisms and stop illness. Like the majority of cruciferous veggies, rutabaga also includes carotenoids, which really help promote anti-oxidant activity.

High in Potassium
One serving provides about 6% the DV of potassium. Potassium assists encourage bone strength, helps with energy production as well as supports heart health and a proper metabolism

High in Zinc
Rutabagas and turnips provide a good source of zinc, an important mineral which forms a main element of a variety of enzymes. Foods that contains zinc lead to stronger defense mechanisms function as well as metabolism, plus they will protect you from physical stress. Every 1-cup serving of rutabaga offers 0.48 milligram of zinc, 6 % of the RDI for ladies or 4 % for guys, in accordance with the Linus Pauling Institute.

Digestive Health
Turnips and Rutabaga is an excellent method to obtain fiber that will help retain the human body’s digestive tract. In accordance with some investigation, the glucosinolates present in these foods may also be helpful in the stomach process bacteria just like Helicobacter pylori and give rise to the creation of bile.

Weight Loss
Low calorie, nutrient rich foods are balanced inclusions in efficient weight loss diet plans. High fiber foods additionally offer the metabolism and assist manage bodyweight.

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